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Extreme weather? Just strong Windies…

Posted by cjhall31 on February 7, 2009

Where do you start? England’s cricketers looked as helpless as Devon drivers in the snow against the West Indian bowlers. I had intended to use the test to explain cricket to my Chinese housemate, who despite my attempts to demonstrate in the kitchen with a frying pan is still hazy on the aim of the game (I know, unbelievable. I will get round to posting the rules and history of kitchen cricket here one day). But I couldn’t quite face the conversation. “And when the bowling side has got all the batsmen out, they add up the runs and see who’s the winner.*” “So is 51 a good score?”

51-11 is the kind of score I expected to see from the six nations opening match, where instead we managed to beat Italy (who still start every tournament as favourites for last place) 36-11, despite showing all the attacking flair and penetration of a sponge.

It was left to football to bring some predictability to the days sport. Chelsea walloped Hull 5-1, Liverpool enjoyed a comfortable 2-0 win against Portsmouth, and Aston Villa are fighting for a UEFA cup spot. Ah, wait. That kind of football round-up blog-that-writes-itself is so 2007/08. I was hugely amused to watch Chelsea drop more points at home, but Liverpool’s late goals wiped the smile off my face. Check here for all the results.

News just in: Beckham has been named in Fabio Capello’s squad to face Spain, giving him the potential to equal Bobby Moore’s record of 108 outfield appearances. My money’s on him making it, and scoring.

* I do know there’s a lot more to it than that, but I was planning on building up slowly. The Duckworth-Lewis method can wait.”

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  1. […] transpired with England today. When West Indies were out for 392 on the 4th morning of the Test, hardly anyone in the world would have imagined that the game would be over in less than three hours, with England bowled out for their third […]

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